How to Care for Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Silver and jewelry both are complimentary terms. Apart from many industrial uses, silver is a precious metal that makes a stunning and lustrous sterling jewelry. The history starts from 4000 BC ago when the first mining of silver was made in Anatolia (Turkey). Since then silver has been crossing the path of human life in various forms. From wire to edible-foils, the most popular avatar of silver is in the form of Jewelry.

Face it, everything you pick on the name of silver jewelry is not sterling silver jewelry. You get all sorts of silver jewelry with an amalgam of impurities and different metals. A sterling silver means the nearest pure silver that has almost 92.5 percent of pure silver and the rest are other metals. Some prime facts about sterling jewelry:

In sterling silver jewelry, it is not silver, that gets tarnished but is the other metal like copper that contact with the atmospheric oxygen and oxidize due to which the shine of silver fades and turn black.

100% pure silver is very soft and it is impossible to convert that silver into jewelry form. The jewelers have to blend the pure silver with other metal to make it stronger, so in the market; there is no entirely pure sterling silver jewelry.

The quick tarnishing of silver jewelry is a pain for silver lovers. The metal is fragile and needs proper care and attention to maintain its lustrous effect.

In the article below, let's explore some time-tested methods to care for sterling silver jewelry.

Use soft pouch or jewelry bags to keep your silver jewelry:

Sterling or not, every silver jewelry needs a proper airtight home where the jewelry comes in direct contact with the moisture or air as less as possible. Remember, the metal in the silver jewelry tends to oxidize and turn black. Always keep your silver jewelry in a soft pouch or jewelry box to retain its lustrous effect. You can also use the silica gel pouch to safeguard your silver from moisture.

Polish timely the sterling silver jewelry and from a reliable jewelry shop:

Do you know, when you take your silver jewelry to an unknown jewelry shop for polishing, you may have to lose some amount of silver from the jewelry without even knowing about it? An immature jeweler may either deduct silver during scratching or may even provide it to you with improper polished. Nevertheless, a timely polishing can increase the life of your sterling silver jewelry.

Refrain yourself from polishing your silver jewelry through homemade method:

You may have read or heard numerous home remedies to polish your precious silver jewelry at home. From toothpaste to baking soda, vinegar to lime juice, water to salt, all is dangerous for the longevity of your silver jewelry. Water can oxidize the metal in the silver, while lime- juice, vinegar or baking soda can react with other metal or impurities as they are acidic. Always use soft absorbent cloth or soft brush to rub your sterling silver jewelry to remove dirt, but never ever try to DIY polish at home.

Prefer Jewelry clearing machine to any grandma's remedy:

It is not that your granny is always wrong. However, sometimes if you have the luxury to get a proper method for cleaning, then why to take a chance with the precious jewelry? A silver jewelry-clearing machine ensures the intense cleaning of your sterling silver jewelry without any chemical reaction.

Cleaning and removing the tarnishing both are different:

It is a common myth that cleaning your sterling silver jewelry means removing the tarnishing. Remember, both need entirely different process. Polish and refinishing can remove tarnishing while cleaning removes only dirt.

Sterling silver jewelry is a heritage and goes from generation to the next generation in the family. You may find none who is resistant of the silver charm. These pieces of jewelry are the vestiges of cherished memories. Handle them with care and always use proper method for the utmost and best care of your sterling silver jewelry.