Pandora Jewelry Company Says Online Sales Will Boost Revenue during the Holiday Season

Black Friday is a time when holiday shoppers can receive the best deals on gifts for others, or for themselves. Most of the time, stores can become overcrowded with shoppers trying to purchase top rated items for the year. A popular gift for the past several years has come from the jewelry company, Pandora. Their popular charm bracelet allows individuals to add different charms, which represent their lifestyle and favorite things. Throughout the holiday season, Pandora locations can have lines out the door. That is why many decide that instead of wasting their time attending a Pandora store, they can easily purchase items online instead!

Online Sales Boost

This will be the first year that consumers in the United States will have the opportunity to purchase items online, over the holiday season. Current CEO, Anders Colding Friis, is very interested to see how the e-commerce platform will take off during the holiday season, after being started in the company's second quarter in the United States. Sales actually slowed in the third quarter, but online purchasing might bring a boost, especially because of gift giving during the holidays. There has been a boost in sales in the United Kingdom, especially from online purchases, and therefore the company is hoping to see a similar trend in the United States.

Pandora focusing on other items

The company noticed a deceleration in sales in the United States when they started their charm bracelet campaign. These bracelets were advertised as their main product, and provide the consumer the option to purchase different charms to form a personalized bracelet. Throughout the holiday season they will be promoting other jewelry items. Their website provides shoppers with the opportunity to look at classic Christmas gifts. A limited edition holiday charm is available during the holiday season for only $75. Other current promotions include a free, limited edition bracelet, with the purchase of $125 or more. Because of these new marketing promotions and special edition items, internet sales have been steady. With more people purchasing gifts during the holiday season, Pandora executives believe there will be a boost in online sales.

Luxury market decreasing, but jewelry increasing

Bain & Company, a global management company, claims that the luxury goods market is decreasing, and is at a low since 2009. High end, designer items are just not doing well in sales, but does this also include jewelry? Jewelry was actually looked at as the best performing category for 2015, rising 6 percent. This means that Pandora executives might be right in their predictions of an online revenue boost during the holiday season.

Hopefully the Pandora Company can close out the year with big revenue. If jewelry sales in general have gone up in 2015, then Pandora is in good shape. They have made a name for themselves, and have grown over the last couple of years. It will be interesting to see how the company does as a whole, as well as specific revenue made in the United States.