How To Set Up An Online Jewelry Shop

You may make some of the best jewelry in the world, but if you can't get it out to your market, your talents are going to go unnoticed. Local craft fairs and setting up tables at collectives and local shops are a good start, but the best way to get your product to the widest possible audience is to set up an online store. Here's how.

Pick Your Media

Before you decide on anything, even a name, you want to figure out where you're going to conduct your business. Etsy is a popular choice and allows you to set up a shop with minimal effort, but it will take a bit from your profits and you'll have little autonomy over your brand image. Running your own ecommerce site gives you a lot more control, but is also more work and lacks the regular customer visits you get from going with an established marketplace. There is no right or wrong answer - your time limits, technological ability, and product style will all factor in. Just know the advantages and drawbacks wherever you choose to set up shop, and don't be afraid to try your hand at marketing in more than one place.

Create A Brand Identity

Once you have a place of business, so to speak, you need to create the aesthetic of your brand. Pick a name that's unique to your marketplace, pick a look that compliments your product, and most importantly have an idea of what you represent as a business and stick to it. Start marking down keywords early on for you to use in your product descriptions and marketing. Be as consistent as possible, especially early on. Before you have a loyal consumer base, your focus needs to be on drawing them in. Representing your company and your products consistently across the board will help you get greater recognition. Remember, it can take time for a company to get noticed, so don't assume something isn't working if it doesn't yield instant results. This is, in part, a waiting game.

Set Up Everything In Advance

Don't go live the second you have a shop name and a banner. Make sure everything is the way you want it to look as part of your end results from the very beginning. Get all your listings posted, proofed, and set before you go live. If you're running your own shop, do a test run or two to make sure orders are getting to you correctly. A sparse store or one that's difficult to use will drive customers away, so take care of these issues before a potential customer ever sees them. Of course, your products and listings will change over time. That's not a problem. Rotating things out isn't the same as not having something to begin with. Set up your shop so that people will want to come back and see what's new later.

Take Amazing Photos

At the end of the day, this is a visual game. Pictures snapped from your cellphone with your kitchen counter as a background aren't going to cut it. This is an area where you may need to invest a bit in proper lighting, background, display props, and maybe even a better camera. Just remember that if you do it right, these things will eventually pay themselves off. For online shoppers, pictures are the only way they're going to get to see your product before they purchase it. The only way to keep them interested is to have photos that make your jewelry look flawless. Don't edit the photos to turn the piece into something it's not by hiding flaws or imperfections, but don't be afraid of showing it in the best light possible.