Edgy Jewelry Trends You Can Actually Pull Off

If you've had a hard time summoning the nerve to try out some of the edgiest current jewelry trends that are making their rounds on the runways, magazines, and style books, then now's your chance. Here are a few of the hottest edgy jewelry trends right now, with styles that you can actually wear:

Oversized Statement Jewelry

This is a persistent jewelry trend that refuses to go out of style. It's simply reborn into newer iterations of itself.

There are a number of ways to wear large-sized statement jewelry pieces, so choose whatever works with what you're wearing, and what makes you feel comfortable. Try some of these:

Statement Earrings: tassels, chandelier earrings, geometric designs, and bold colorful blocks are always an easy way to rock the statement earring trend. Here are a few examples to test out:

Statement Necklaces: unusual shapes are the name of the game. Play with stones, metals, weights, etc. Statement necklaces are where you can really let an edgy style take the stage, like these examples:

Body Jewelry

These days, body jewelry isn't limited to the outdated belly rings or painful-looking piercings. There are several new ways to wear the ever-edgy body jewelry without overdoing it. The trick is to keep your outfit and accompanying accessories simple, and let the body (jewelry) do the talking!

Check out some of these styles if you're feeling bold:

The Goth Look

This is an extra-hot trend right now, but it's surprisingly easy to tone it down to your own comfort level and keep it classy. It's got that 90s vibe that's in vogue at the moment, but again; it can take a modern twist to make it wearable for any age on an everyday level.

Try a few of these goth-inspired styles to up your edgy jewelry game without overdoing it:

No matter what edgy jewelry trend has inspired you to step on the wild side, you can always pull it off! Don't be afraid to try something new and bold. It's just an accessory, after all.