Alternative Engagement Rings Better than a Diamond

If you're sick of photos princess-cut diamond engagement rings filling your Facebook news feed, you're not alone. More couples are opting for alternative engagement rings for reasons that vary from concerns of conflict diamonds to a desire to escape the social norm in favor of a more unique ring.

Engagement rings are a personal symbol of commitment and love; they should reflect the individuality of the wearer and the couple rather than just adhering to the idea that every engagement ring has to feature a diamond. Here are some of the best options for alternative engagement rings:

A Non-Stone Focal Point

If you're not into the idea of a rock adorning your finger, a pearl situated right in the center provides the same eye-catching "wow" factor, no stone necessary. It's unusual, impossibly classy, and completely timeless.

Consider a simple pearl set in a warm precious metal like gold like this one.

Minimalistic Elegance

For the modern couple, a set of simple bands can make a huge statement. A simple gold, rose gold, or platinum infinity ring like this one says it all.

Or, wear a simple droplet of classic silver.

Alternative Metals

If you're not into the standard gold or silver, there are plenty of other options out there. This wood and titanium combination is modern and unique; perfect for someone who'd like a more rustic element.

Unusual Stones

Some of the best engagement rings are the ones that keep the traditional stone, but with a completely fresh twist from the tired old diamond.

For people who like to keep it simple, but want to make a powerful statement with their ring, a bold color that's reflective of their personality will stand out and above the rest. This solitaire garnet set in white gold is breathaking.

If you like your stones a little less artificially polished, then consider a raw stone for its unaltered natural beauty, like this white topaz set in clean-looking sterling silver.

You don't have to have a simplistic ring. There are some jaw-dropping rings with clusters of unusual stones. This moonstone and labradorite ring surrounded by gold is gorgeous.

Play with Settings

Who says you have to wear a basic band or simple setting? Have fun with bright blue topaz set in sterling silver crafted to look organicly twig-like.

Skip the diamond. Alternative engagement rings are more cost-effective, more personal, and often more beautiful!